Passage 2 Womanhood has been a very enlightening experience for me. Being a naturally shy person, I’ve learned to interact with my peers successfully through the organization. The organization has been with me and other girls as we have blossomed into the real world. Between the college tours, etiquette classes and summer internship, Passage 2 Womanhood has given me many opportunities and the courage to make it in the future. The lessons I have learned will stay with me throughout my passage to womanhood. Words cannot express my gratitude. – Desiree Sparks, Participant

College Tours

“During the various college tours we have taken, I have learned about scheduling, campus life and I even got the opportunity to sit in on a class in progress.  Ms. Camille would always make sure that we were properly dressed and energized before the tours.  The tour guides would make sure that we have a greater understanding of what college life is all about.  Passage 2 Womanhood has helped many girls, including myself, by giving them insight on what to expect when making the choice to pursue higher education.”

Career Preparation

“With Passage 2 Womanhood program I have been shown what to expect in the business world and how to be prepared when it comes along.  Through Passage 2 Womanhood, I have taken a few etiquette classes on how to dress properly for the workplace and how to conduct myself when at a business.  They also let us engage in mock interviews and business dinners.  I learned how to write an outstanding resume, prepare for an interview, and land the summer internship I wanted.”


“This year I interned at the Richard Gerstien Justice Building with Judge Beth Bloom.  During my time as an intern, I sat in while court was in session and viewed the cases.  I learned new terminology and the legal process.  Last year I interned at Saemz Law Firm, at which I had a brief introduction to the various types of law including entertainment and real estate law.  What I learned from both internships is how to handle myself in the law field and I hope to see myself in the law field in my near future.”