Letter from the President


I’m Camille Jones, Executive Director of Hands 2 Help, Incorporated, and (H2H).  Hands 2 Help, Inc. is not only a not-for-profit organization, it is my dream.  I grew-up in the inner-city of Miami with my brothers and sisters, raised by a hard working single mom.  I finished high school, got married, attended the University of Miami, and had my own children.  I worked for the University of Miami for 20 years.  The last 18 years with the Child Protection Team.  There I was able to reach the needy children within the State’s shelter and foster care systems and other at-risk families, but I was limited to those children and families. I knew there was a greater need.  The Child Protection Team lost some funding and could no longer provide the assistive services it offered and my position was cut.  I though about getting another job, but I couldn’t; this was my chance; GOD’s way of saying, “Let’s see what you can do?”  So I chose to walk the path HE set before me.  I created Hands 2 Help, Inc., put together board of people that shared my vision, and I haven’t looked back since.

Hands 2 Help, Inc. has open arms.  My hands are no longer tied as to who I can serve.  Hands 2 Helps, Inc. helps where it is see a need.  We want to empower people and communities to be THEIR best.  With that goal in mind we have joined forces with other community agencies, organizations, and government entities to add our strengths and assist when and where we’re needed.  We sit on boards, committees, and work groups with similar views.  We have created our own programs that assist seniors, give a helping hand to empower young women to be strong productive citizens.  Although our funds have been limited, our successes have been many.  With faithful volunteers and contributors we stay on our path.  I am perpetually positive of our abilities and sustainability.  We have come a long way, but the journey’s not over yet.

Hands 2 Help, Inc. is a dream come true, but I have bigger visions for the future of Hands 2 Help, Inc.  I envision a Charter School that will be open not only focusing on ensuring that benchmarks are met, but creating well rounded and informed thinkers that will give back and be involved members in creating a more prosperous world.  CHILDREN FOR A FUTURE WITH A FUTURE.


Founder/Executive Director