Passage 2 Womanhood

Our main goal for the Passage 2 Womanhood program is to educate young ladies on successfully handling many issues that can become obstacles at some point in their lives.  Our program curriculum includes subjects, such as: Life Skills (Etiquette, abstinence, substance abuse, banking and finance, etc…) Health and Nutrition (Medical check-ups, immunizations, grooming and hygiene, […]

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Donate Now: Hands 2 Help wants to build better lives and strengthen communities by providing our youth and their families with the knowledge and skills to be self-sufficient in society. Your support will help us make a difference in a deserving family’s life! Please enter an amount below and press ‘Donate’ to make a gift! […]


Passage 2 Womanhood has been a very enlightening experience for me. Being a naturally shy person, I’ve learned to interact with my peers successfully through the organization. The organization has been with me and other girls as we have blossomed into the real world. Between the college tours, etiquette classes and summer internship, Passage 2 […]